1000 pts / High elves vs Dwarves (AKA Tom's massacre)

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1000 pts / High elves vs Dwarves (AKA Tom's massacre)

Post  budda 09 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:49 am

As above, I will explain how the battle between Tom and I went...

Army Lists
High Elves
Noble - (Battle Standard Bearer, Battle Banner, Heavy Armour, Shield) - 196 pts
Noble - (Reaver Bow, Heavy Armour, Shield) - 131 pts

10 archers - (Champion, Standard Bearer, Light Armour) - 145 pts
10 Lotheren Sea Guard - (Full command, Shield) - 155 pts

10 Phoenix Guard - (Full command) - 180 pts

2 x Bolt Throwers - 200 pts Total - 1002 pts

Dwarf army list coming as soon as I get it off of Tom!

Set up
Northern table edge is Tom's, southern is mine.
3 hills on table, one is on the north-west corner, another in the middle towards the east, and the other in the south-west corner.
Woods on the south-east corner of the table, soft cover dotted around the table.


Here is a very crude diagram I drew out on paint XD

Quarrellers Behind soft cover, Thunderers on hill, Cannon behind thunderers, Warriors with Great Weapons next to quarrellers, Iron Breakers next to Quarrellers, Second unit of warriors next to Iron breakers, Miners and Thane in reserve.

Archers in woods, Lotheren Sea Guard in woods, Bolt thrower on hill, Phoenix guard in front of hill, Second Bolt thrower at the side of the hill. First noble is with Phoenix Guard, the other is with the Lotheren Sea Guard.

Turn 1 Tom

No movement

Quarrellers fire at Phoenix guard but to no avail, as the shots either miss or bounce off of the heavy armour they have equipped, or are swept aside by the Phoenix guards magical protections.

The cannon shoots at the bolt thrower, but stops just short.

Turn 1 Aiden

Lotheren Sea Guard and Archers advance through the woods

A bolt thrower lets loose at the iron breakers and succeeds as its huge bolt rips through the iron breakers armour with ease.
The Archers fire at the Quarrellers but their aim is poor, as the shots miss or fail to wound them.
The Lotheren Sea Guard fire at the normal unit of warriors, and again fail to do anything.
The noble in the Lotheren sea guard unit unleashes his reaver bow, and slays a single dwarf warrior.
The second bolt throwers aims for the quarrellers, but the bolt just soars over their heads and thuds into the ground behind them.

Turn 2 Tom

The Normal warriors and the iron breakers march forward as quickly as their little dwarf legs can carry them.

The quarrellers fire at the archers with their powerful crossbows, but the bolts merely thud into all the trees around the archers.
The thunderers fire at the Lotheren Sea Guard and due to their 'Black Powder' allow no armour saves to the elves, killing 3 of them.
The cannon booms a ball towards the Lotheren Sea Guard and just hits the unit, slaying 1.
Due to the immense firepower put upon them, the Lotheren Sea Guard are forced to take a panic test, but their morale holds.

Turn 2 Aiden

The Phoenix Guard March behind the cover they are close to.

The bolt thrower unleashes another bolt towards the Great weapons, Piercing both ranks and killing 2
The second bolt thrower shoots at the other warrior unit, hitting them, wounding them... Only for them to pass the reduced armour save of 6+!!
The Archers and Lotheren sea guards bows prove useless for yet another turn.
The Nobles powerful reaver bow succeeds in killing another warrior.

Turn 3 Tom

The miner unit breaks out of the ground next to the Bolt thrower on the hill and charges them, catching them by surprise.
The two units of warriors, and the iron breakers advance forwards by marching again.

The quarrellers let fly, killing a high elf archer.
The thunderers fire at the Lotheren sea guard, slaying another 4! They still hold their ground though after taking another panic test.
The cannon fires at the archers but misfires! Luckily the engineer operating the cannon lets the dice be re-rolled once, and the cannon operates normally again. Unluckily the cannonball gets stuck in the floor when it hits the ground, rendering the shot useless.

The crew of the bolt thrower get to strike before the miners but do nothing, and in return the miners massacre the crew and wreck the bolt thrower. Further more they overrun into the next bolt thrower unit, and massacre them too!! But one miner dies in the effort.

Turn 3 Aiden

The archers and Lotheren sea guard slowly creep backwards through the trees, and the phoenix guard wheel their unit 90 degrees behind the cover.

The Lotheren sea guard and the noble fail to hurt anything this turn with their bows, but the archers manage to kill a warrior with a great weapon.

Turn 4 Tom

The great weapons, iron breakers, and warriors move up and the miners charge the remains of the lotheren sea guard unit.

The quarrellers shoot at the archers but the bolts once again do nothing.
The cannon fires a ball towards the archer unit hitting three, but rolled 3 ones when wounding! So the archers somehow miraculously survive!

The miners slay the rest of the lotheren sea guard as the thane calls a challenge upon the noble, the noble does nothing to the thane, and the thane wounds the noble once. Needing a 4 or less on two dice, the unbreakable noble stays in combat until the end, for the might of ulthuan!

Turn 4 Aiden

The archers march forward, and the phoenix guard attempt to charge the warriors, but are out of range...

The noble fails to do anyting and dies painfully as the mining engineer rips him to shreds with his steam drill. The miners overrun into the archer units, beating them in combat and breaking them off of the board.

Turn 5 Tom

The iron breakers, warriors, miners and great weapons all advance towards the only remaining unit on the table for the high elves, the Phoenix guard.

The mighty cannon fires a shot at the phoenix guard, killing 5, as they all fail their 4+ wards saves!!

Turn 5 Aiden

The phoenix guard march nobly towards their inevitable deaths.

Turn 6 Tom

The miners charge the phoenix guard, as the great weapons flank them.
The noble, panicking, Fails to do anything to the thane, as the thane swiftly and casually cuts his head clean off!!
The phoenix guard go down fighting as they kill a miner, and the miners fail to wound them at all. The Great weapons slay another phoenix guard. Combat resolution results in the unit breaking and being caught by the miners...


What's the point in calculating victory points... IT WAS A MASSACRE!!!

Units of the match - Tom (Miners) Aiden (Bolt throwers)
I think tom agrees that his miners were his men of the match, as they managed to destroy over half of my army on their own, whilst sustaining minimal casualties.

My unit of the match was tough to decide, as everything went poorly. I chose the bolt throwers because they managed to do the most damage.

I hope you all enjoyed the battle report!
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Re: 1000 pts / High elves vs Dwarves (AKA Tom's massacre)

Post  TomLow on Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:50 am

Yeah my minners kicked ass!!!!
And was my cannon ball made of clay on the third turn
Overall was a good match



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Re: 1000 pts / High elves vs Dwarves (AKA Tom's massacre)

Post  budda 09 on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:58 am

lol, could u pm me your army list? Then i can put it on here Smile
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Re: 1000 pts / High elves vs Dwarves (AKA Tom's massacre)

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